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Firmly established as the singular agenda-setting event for Australia’s Corporate Affairs community, the Corporate Affairs Summit is returning in August with renewed ambition to build business resilience. As our operating environment corrects, the Summit presents an enviable opportunity for the nation’s Corporate Affairs and Communication leaders to connect, combat shared challenges, and leverage opportunities emerging from the upturn economy.

Together, we will interrogate the forces shaping the profession, from the polarisation of civil discourse to crisis communication and technological advancement, all with the intent of charting a new path to progress.

Why attend?

  • Our hybrid event model provides delegates with flexibility without sacrificing interactivity. Our engagement tools ensure that you are joining the event, not just spectating – raise your questions with speakers in real-time, and gain access to ongoing on-demand video content.
  • For ten years we have secured the involvement of the highest calibre speakers from Australia and around the world. We have tools that make audience engagement seamless so you can ask the questions that matter.
  • Every session is independently moderated to facilitate candid discussion and debate.
  • Your experience is at the heart of the Summit. Our audience is screened for seniority, so you’ll be networking in a five-star environment with the minds shaping business.
  • We respect the seniority of our delegates by diving deeper into technical subject matter with a business-driven, outcomes focussed agenda.

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// 12 Keynotes
// 2 Powerful days
// Executive learning agenda
// 35+ Industry speakers
// 300+ Executives
// 5 Star networking environment

Past Speakers

Joy Tan
Senior Vice President, Public Affairs,
Huawei Technologies (USA)
Jim Kennedy
Executive Vice President and Chief Communications Officer
News Corp (USA)
Isaac Levido
Political Strategist & Founding Partner
Fleetwood Strategy (UK)
Sally Fielke
General Manager, Corporate Affairs
Professor Kerryn Phelps
City of Sydney
Melissa O’Neill
Global Director Corporate Affairs
Treasury Wine Estates
Bede Fennell
Executive General Manager, Corporate Affairs, Government and Industry
Tourism Australia
Liz Deegan
Chief Corporate Affairs Officer
National Rugby League
The Hon. Dr Craig Emerson
Economist & Managing Director
Emerson Economics
Michelle Skehan
General Manager, Corporate Affairs
Australia Post
Guy Matthews
Managing Director and Head of Corporate Affairs
Citi Australia and New Zealand
Molly Harriss Olson
Chief Executive Officer
Fairtrade Australia and New Zealand
Samantha Stevens
Executive General Manager, Corporate Affairs
Origin Energy
Jane Anderson
Executive General Manager Corporate Affairs
Zed Ivankovic
Chief Corporate Affairs Officer
Toll Group
Debra Richards
Media and Communications Executive
Mitch Cooper
Head of Public Policy and Government Affairs - Australia and NZ
Nicholas Scofield
Chief Corporate Affairs Officer
Allianz Australia
Andrew Sheridan
Vice President, Regulatory & Public Affairs
Julia Foley
Chief Corporate Affairs Officer
Cecelia Burgman
Head of Government Relations
Rebecca Irwin
Executive General Manager Corporate Affairs & Sustainability
Emily Ritchie
Divisional General Manager, External Affairs & Government Relations
Matthew Crossley
Government Relations
Kylie Smith
Chief Communications, Digital and Marketing Officer
MLC Australia
Nigel Blunden
Blunden & Associates
Mary-Jane Bellotti
Chief Development Officer
David Hickey
Vice President Sales and Marketing
George Karagiannakis
Executive Manager, Government Relations
Michelle Taylor
Chief Executive People, Corporate Affairs and Sustainability
Jessica Gooch
Acting Director, Engagement
Sydney Opera House
Nicole Buskiewicz
Chief Executive Officer
Sally Braidwood
Director and Service Line Lead, APAC
Ipsos Corporate Reputation
Mimrah Mahmood
Partner and Senior Director



Forging a Path Forward: Pragmatism in a Polarised World

We are witnessing the hardening of ideologies on the world stage. Dialogue is struggling to pierce resolute socio-political division,  while entrenched media echo-chambers are inflaming opinion and fuelling tribalism in discourse. On the surface, this titanic clash of views has created a perennial state of gridlock – the room for compromise is shrinking. In this session, we’ll hear about the principled pragmatism Corporate Affairs executives are adopting to recalibrate and navigate the polarisation of civil discourse, discuss how the truth is faring in the age of audible lies, and decide whether extreme ideas about politics and identity are as popular in the real world as they are on Twitter.



The Price of Empowerment: Arming Your Employees as Ambassadors

In times where credibility is an increasingly scarce resource, employees are being called upon as powerful, authentic brand ambassadors. But empowerment is a two-way street, and employees with a genuine and amplified voice can do considerable damage to an organisation’s reputation. In this session, we will hear how businesses are leveraging experience and engagement to empower employees to speak their own truth while still steering the corporate narrative, and discuss how you can redefine your strategic communications to close the gap between public representations and the lived truth at your organisation.



Collective Conscience: The Art of Cross-Channel Storytelling in Corporate Communication

A decade ago, commentators were declaring that traditional media was terminal. Established media entities were tasked with rebuilding their planes while remaining airborne. Newcomers, with revolutionary ground-up models, were destined to soar across platforms and channels. Today, our media landscape is more congested and complex than ever. Corporate Affairs executives charged with nurturing reputation now need to weave a story across multiple platforms and channels. In this session, we’ll unveil the new face of masterful storytelling in multichannel environments, covering everything from advertising spend to earned media to see how the nation’s leading communicators are ensuring that their message reaches the right people at the right time.



Advocacy with Transparency: Accountable Government Engagement

While there are no guarantees of political longevity, the Australian political landscape appears to have steadied, bringing stability to corporate affairs professionals tasked with engaging government stakeholders. In a newly heightened regulatory environment, with the Federal Government responding to growing constituent pressure to hold previously untouchable pockets of corporate Australia to account, Corporate Affairs departments are adopting a permanently campaign-ready approach to construct and implement cabinet advocacy campaigns. In this session, we’ll analyse the impact of social media and heightened corporate transparency on government lobbying and forecast the ramifications of the contemporary accountability culture for firms operating in Australia.



Mission Critical: Communication at the Speed of Crisis

Today’s hyper-connected world has rendered the traditional, reactive approach to crisis communications obsolete. Corporate Affairs is changing as rapidly as the digital media environment in which it must now operate. The nature of risk management has shifted as new factors such as cybercrime present very real threats to an organisation. Today, we will discuss the practical methods by which you can protect your brand through a multi-disciplined, multi-channel approach, and pre-emptively resolve potential PR crises. We’ll also take a look at the importance of an organisation-wide approach to risk management, and analyse how an ethical workplace culture translates to effective Corporate Affairs.



Fostering Engagement, Avoiding Enragement: Social Advocacy in the Reputation Age

Just as brands have sought to humanise themselves to forge a unique identity in the minds of consumers, so too have they adopted ethical positions on contemporary social and environmental issues. The growing tendency towards inherent scepticism of corporate motives has required brands, through a process that combines deep community engagement and social listening, to develop genuine and authentic personalities in order to build trust. In a highly polarised socio-political environment, however, ‘the right thing’ differs wildly amongst consumers united only by a product, not by a shared moral compass. Today, we’ll discuss the methods by which you can understand the causes that matter to your consumers; why CSV is the new CSR; and how you can successfully navigate the often-murky ethical environment of your consumers to establish a competitive advantage for your brand.



Artificial Advantage: Recalibrating the Fabric of Communication

Communication technology has enabled conversation between businesses and customers on a scale and in detail never before seen. With artificial intelligence and unfiltered, immediate content-sharing and live streaming on the rise, brands now have the opportunity to instantaneously reach customers on a deeper level than previously possible. Whilst this technology has opened a world of possibilities for PR and corporate affairs professionals to create, enhance and protect their business’s brand image, it can also pose a serious risk if mismanaged. Today, we’ll discuss how PR is changing and will continue to change over the coming years as consumer facing interfaces become increasingly autonomous; why personalisation and humanisation will become the most important elements in the corporate affairs department of tomorrow; and take a closer look at the game-changing technology that will redefine your role.




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Celebrating its 11th year, the Corporate Affairs Summit is unparalleled in the level of delegates and speakers it attracts.

The Summit is driven by an ambitious business agenda, and our audience is screened for seniority to ensure you are networking with the minds shaping business. Our limited keynote and moderated panel speaking opportunities will effectively embed you in this top-end business community. Digital and physical brand activations, as well as consultations in dedicated activation spaces further enable you to engage with this decision-making audience.

As a marketing platform to demonstrate expertise, credibility and grow your business with the Corporate Affairs and Communication profession, the Corporate Affairs Summit offers unrivalled cut-through.

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