1-2 June 2021
ICC Sydney
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At a Glance

Outlook Session 
Patterns from Chaos: Securing Your Company in a Shifting Environment 
We inhabit an increasingly combative socio-political environment. Disinformation is amplified with an audacity that whittles away our collective tolerance for compromise. Social media platforms resist responsibility for the cacophony while self-reinforcing algorithms close avenues of contrary opinion. At times, it appears the only order to the chaos is polarity. The challenge now for Corporate Affairs executives is to instil their own control, consistency, and influence on this unwieldly environment. This Session serves as a contextual platform for the Summit. We will unpack the changes unfolding across the media landscape, tracing glacial steps alongside shifts of more immediate consequence to better understand how Corporate Affairs leaders can exert influence on behalf of their organisations and stakeholders.
Strategy Session 
Corporate Introspection: Advancing Pathways for Transparency and Wellbeing 
Businesses are learning to communicate in an operating environment defined by distance. We are all learning how to interact in a world where the human touch has been muted. Whether as a commercial necessity, or an act of collective empathy, businesses have amplified the importance of employee wellbeing. Communication strategies and the channels our voices and faces travel on are developing to facilitate closer, more authentic connections. The challenge for Corporate Affairs is to sustain and nurture heightened attention on employee communications and wellbeing as workforces re-establish pre-pandemic norms. This Session confronts this challenge by asking how businesses are entrenching positive cultural and connective changes spurred by the pandemic.
Crisis Session  
Ahead of the Storm: Challenging Crisis Perspectives  
There is no denying the pace and furore with which a crisis can unfurl online. Truth and speculation alike can spread with synaptic intensity, causing irreparable damage to the nucleus of an organisation. These crisis development patterns and stakeholder communication processes are overwhelming traditional crisis communication protocols. In this Session, we will explore why stealing thunder and complementary proactive communication approaches must be considered strategic crisis options. We will observe the strategic and structural changes Corporate Affairs are making to regain and maintain control.
Community Session  
Legacy and Identity: Raising the Bar on CSR 
The social change caused by the pandemic will constitute a cultural legacy. As the ethical dimensions of consumer decision making become more salient, businesses have a significant opportunity to reject tokenism and pursuit a meaningful agenda that earns the lasting support of customers. In this Session, we will consider how to advance a CSR agenda that achieves mutually beneficial and interdependent social, environmental, and economic goals. We will move beyond the moral case to better understand how Corporate Affairs can mobilise their businesses in pursuit of new sources of value creation.
Government Session 
Advocating Change: Refining Approaches to Government Engagement  
The pandemic is a paradigm shifting event that represents a genuine opportunity to instrument reform. Against the backdrop of an increasingly complex regulatory environment, businesses must continue to refine their approach to advocacy to mobilise support, secure interests and affect change. In this session, we will hear how Corporate Affairs are sustaining long-distance relations with government stakeholders in an environment embroiled by heightened transparency, and observe how businesses are leveraging media to effectively influence opinions and outcomes.
Communication Session
Guiding Voices: Resonating with Consumers in the Media Maze 
Digital impression is fast-becoming the only impression. In a world of restricted movement but limitless digital potential, crafting an authentic business persona that can speak credibly across channels is an unabridged priority for Communication professionals. In this Session, we will interrogate how companies are honing a genuine corporate voice that ignites curiosities and establishes trust. We will consider how companies are channelling insights into a communications strategy that not only reaches customers, but which leaves a lasting impression on the consumer mind.
Future Session 
Pause for Reflection: The Practical Anticipation of Business Priorities
In an environment clouded by uncertainty and ambiguity, business leaders have instinctively shortened their temporal gaze to become more responsive and reactive. But to effectively build business resilience and safeguard long-term ambitions, leaders must find the time to think more broadly on the systems, structures and strategies that will support a trajectory of growth. In this Session, we will uncover the fundamental technological architecture and business structures that are enabling organisations to scale to market pressures without losing momentum towards endgame objectives. We will consider what dimensions of the function are ripe for disruption, as well as those skills that can be honed to consolidate the position of Corporate Affairs professionals as indispensable business allies.

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